The Qilin Mystickers are a set of five Super Rare and parastic Mystickers that are said to be the most powerful Mystickers. They are a central plot element in the Blazer Drive manga. Each of these Mystickers are owned by one of the Five Pillars of Qilin Realm.


Each of the Qilin Mystickers features a picture of the mythological Qilin standing forward with the head to its right. Depending on the Mysticker it allows features designs based on its element. For example, Crimson Enku features flames on its design.


Like all Mystickers, when applied to a Blazer's body, the user is able to gain powers and abilities depending on its type. However unlike other Mystickers, the Qilin Mystickers have a form of consciousness which allows them to choose ideal users for them while at the same time eating away at their spiritual energy which allows them to live. Should the user of the Mysticker be defeated in battle, the Mysticker is peeled off and the user suffers effects related to the Mysticker's effects. For instance, Shuga became his shadow's shadow disappearing forever and Murasaki ended up frozen with a demon face covering her real face.


Black KakutanEdit

This Mysticker was used by Shuga and allowed to move within shadows, turn shades into solid spikes, and cover his entire body in shadowy armor of unknown density. If removed, its user fades into nothingness like a shadow.

Crimson EnkuEdit

This Mysticker allows flawless mastery over flames and ash.

Blue ShoukoEdit

This sticker give the user the power to freeze anything they touch instantly and can even freeze the moisture in the air. If it is removed from the user, it freezes them completely.

White SakumeiEdit

His user is called Mitony. This Mysticker allows it user to fade into light and use it as they please. Mitony used the light it generated to trap people in videogames and defeat them inside. However, if the sticker falls off, its user becomes blind.

Yellow QilinEdit

This sticker grants the user the power to manipulate black lightning and transfer their neuro-electrical energy into an other body. It also turns the white in the user's eyes into black.

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