Jimmy Mysticker

Jimmy Mysticker Blazer

Type Weapon
User Kaine
First Appearance 5th Blaze

The Jimmy Mysticker is one that has the ability to create an electric guitar. The guitar is able to manipulate the sound waves created by using it to create many sonic attacks. To activate it the user slides their finger down the strings on the mysticker. Since it is an electric guitar it is able to absorb electricity and then use that to increase the power of its attack. The sound released can also be used to sense the surroundings using a form of echolocation to determine where sound is bouncing off of.


  • Howling Noise: Jeff Explosion: By manipulating the sound waves the user is able to release them forward as a shock wave. The power can be varied from just a high level of ear damaging sound to a blast that is able to level the target. By using Max Volume he releases his strongest blast.
  • Chainsaw Noise: Slash Slaughter: By using the sound waves it is capable of transmitting the vibrations to the blade attached to the guitar. These vibrations increase the cutting power of the blade. They are also capable of shaking off any bindings attached to the blade. This can also be used as a range attack where after activating the attack the user throws the guitar and controls it with the attached wire.
  • Edie Concentration Puppet Dance: He uses the sound waves to manipulate and control the bodies of people rendered unconscious.



  • The fact the guitar is named Jimmy could be a reference to Jimmy Hendricks.
  • The use can enhance the Mysticker's power by placing Wind Mystcikers on it.

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