Chapter 10
Despair Gives Courage to a Coward





Despair gives courage to a coward


Despair gives courage to a coward



Year Released

December 29, 2008

Shonen Rival

Issue 2009-02

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Despair Gives Courage to a Coward (Despair gives courage to a coward, Despair gives courage to a coward) is the 10th chapter in the series.


The battle between Kaine and Daichi continues and seems tight (Kaine underrated Daichi but admits that it is tough). Misora​​ trying to bring the Tamamayu to Daichi stopped by the man who has previously released insects member Kirinkai. Another woman also part of the dangerous organization appears before Tenjik and Yuyuka and seems to have a strange power that makes him grow griffes.Elle threatens to eliminate the two Blazers Since it is very strong, Yuyuka activates. mysticker "drive" In anger, Blazer vicous Cat uses his mysticker transformation cat.Yuyuka then understands that Tenjik is low because it is able to transform into a cat, the height for a hedgehog! At this point, the opponent uses the second form of transformation, which complicates choses.Mais Yuyuka reaches the wound and therefore uses the third form: ultimate, it turns into a giant cat!But Tenjik no longer afraid because it's just a demonic cat and not a mere chat.So he uses his mysticker "Blast" for the trap. For his part,Misora face insects'owner and she've got big difficulty be cause the man have the Mysticker " Kabuki "


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